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Collaboration in groups is dead…


…if we don’t understand how group dynamics play a crucial role in how we work together.

They influence how we communicate, make decisions, and solve problems. But how can we learn about these dynamics and apply them effectively?

📚 One resource that provides valuable insights is Sam Kaner’s “Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making”. This book introduces the ‘Diamond of Participatory Decision-Making’, a model that outlines the stages a team moves through to develop a solution that satisfies everyone.

1️⃣ Divergent Thinking: This stage involves generating a wide range of ideas. It’s about encouraging creativity and exploring all possible solutions.
2️⃣ The Groan Zone: This is a challenging stage where conflicts may arise as team members struggle to understand each other’s perspectives. It’s crucial to navigate this stage with patience and empathy.
3️⃣ Convergent Thinking: Here, the team narrows down the list of ideas to determine the best solution. It’s about finding common ground and making decisions that everyone can support.

By understanding these stages, we can facilitate more effective and inclusive discussions. We can ensure that everyone’s voices are heard, and that our decisions are truly collaborative.

Remember, every well-facilitated meeting is an opportunity to stretch and develop the perspectives of individual members, thereby building the strength and capacity of the group as a whole.

Let’s embrace these principles and strive for more participatory and inclusive decision-making in our teams.

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